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Digital happy hour for restaurants!

Discover nearby hourly food deals, save and enjoy!
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fuuding is the hourly deal discovery application
where restaurants welcome you with their best offers

It is as easy as 1-2-3

only 3 taps gets you to the best nearby food offer!

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What if we tell you enjoying full restaurant experience costs less than food delivery?
Don't forget, great food is not meant to be packed in a box
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Mind your money, fuuding restaurants offer on average great discounts.
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Discover nearby offers with value deals and try new tastes. Help growing your local businesses while having discounted meals!
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In accordance with United Nations’ definition, Every Crumb Counts(ECC) is the ultimate motto for fuuding. Overstock food being offered at a lower price is a Win-Win for everyone, including the planet Earth!

How does it work ?


Frequently Asked Questions

How does fuuding offer lower prices?

fuuding is the brokerage among restaurants and offer unutilized capacity for lower prices.

Restaurants offer lower prices to;

• Increase their number of customers

• Utilize their off-peak hours

• Advertise their best meals

• Sell out remaining food-ingredients for the day

• Get in touch with the local visitors and many more benefits.

fuuding is a Win-Win business for everyone even for the Planet Earth as fuuding reduces waste of food.

Meal you are purchasing is 100% same as the meal sold at original price.

How does it work?

When you open the fuuding app, you will be seeing the available deals around you with respective restaurant name, price and time interval for the deal. Upon selection you need to click on buy and pay with the your favorite payment method (iDEAL/Credit Card)

How do I place an order?

You can place your order by installing fuuding app on iPhone (Apple App Store) and Android devices (Google Play Store).

Where can I use fuuding?

Currently fuuding is only available in Amsterdam. However in the coming period, we are going to expand to major urban areas in Netherlands.

What about donations?

As an ambassador of environmental sustainability, we are working hard to prevent food waste with last minute deals. Every single fuuding restaurant is using this capability to both serve you and help to save food from garbage.

Moreover it is possible to donate €1 on every purchase to one of the three environmentally conscious charities we pick for you.

Let's do good, it will help us all !

How do I make the payment?

fuuding uses digital payment and you can pay with iDEAL/Mastercard/Visa/American Express.

How do I use my coupon?

You only need to arrive at the restaurant during active hours of the purchased deal and show your QR code or mention the code above it.

Can I buy a deal as a gift?

Totally. After purchase, sharing the photo of the QR code or the deal code would be sufficient.

What is the time frame for deals?

Every deal in fuuding has a time interval defined by the restaurants and to benefit from the deal, you need to visit the restaurant at the defined time frame

Time frame helps restaurants to create custom offers for you for specific hours and as a result, you enjoy variety of deals and better discounts!

If you miss a time frame for a purchased deal, you only miss the advantage of having a meal at a discounted price and your discount coupon turns into a gift coupon. You can use this coupon to deduct the amount from your total purchase at the restaurant.

How can I cancel a purchase?

It is not possible to cancel a purchase however you can use your coupon anytime as a gift coupon.

Have questions? Write us on "fuuding" facebook page for answers