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August 20, 2017

Maximize your restaurant revenue
with Dynamic Pricing!

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Dynamic pricing, which is also known as yield management or revenue management, is a set of pricing strategies aimed at increasing profits.

Every single good with a price a tag faces the consequence of being valued by consumers. Consumer behavior is truly comes into play in this stage with measuring the value based on personal perspective. As a result, the same meal bought in 8pm for €25 could be perceived as expensive at 2pm by consumers. To understand the consumer mentality we need to focus on a set of factors that effect how we make purchases.

In this article we are discussing how Dynamic Pricing could be leveraged easily with fuuding to maximize your revenue.

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August 17, 2017

How to design a better menu!

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Your menu is the portrayal of your restaurant’s character. It is also your front salesperson. However we do see many restaurants not paying attention to their most powerful in-house marketing tool. A tailored and well designed menu can improve your revenue by 40%.

In this article we have created a scientific fact based guide that will give you tips to make your menu shine.

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